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How big is each treat? And how many are there in one bag?
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Our treats (we call them snacks or squares) are handcrafted with natural ingredients, so their size, shape and color are not always identical, and can slightly vary from batch to batch. They are square shaped, and measure approximately 7/8’’ L x 7/8’’W x 1/4’’H. Perfect for all size dogs! We suggest cutting in half for really small pooches. You’ll find approximately 50 delicious squares per bag.  

Can I feed your nutri-snacks to my dog every day?
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Of course! You can offer them daily as healthy treats between meals (they are not meal replacements). Break apart for smaller dogs. Our nutri-snacks are a healthy addition to any dogs’ diet, but like for any good thing, moderation is always key.    

Are your nutri-snacks appropriate for puppies and senior dogs?
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Absolutely! Dogs of all ages and breeds can benefit from added nutritional value in their diet. Our treats are made with only the best high-quality natural ingredients. They are free of chemicals, non-edible substances, animal by-products, animal fat, mystery meat, salt, sugar, gluten, corn, and artificial sweeteners, as well as fillers, additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Our nutri-snacks are also easy to digest and hypoallergenic. That means they are free of the most common canine food allergens: beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish.

Where do you source your ingredients, and where are your treats made?
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The quality of our products is important in every aspect. We choose all of our natural ingredients with great care, and source them from reputable North American farms and suppliers. Our products are handcrafted in small batches with love in Montreal, Canada. 

What if my dog doesn't like your treats?
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Our experience has been that most dogs find them delicious and just want more! It is also true that some dogs may be used to eating a specific type of treat, and that it may take a couple of tries to come around to new flavors. Remember, our healthy treats don’t contain any animal fat, salt, added sugar or artificial flavors or ingredients. Think of how you feed your family. Fast food is really popular, but would you feed it to your loved ones every day? As a suggestion, you could try breaking our squares up into smaller pieces, liberating their full natural aroma, and making it easier for some dogs to fully discover their flavor. You could also crush them, to sprinkle them on top of your dog's food, to add a little variety to their meals.

If my dog really doesn’t like one of your products, do you offer refund?

Yes. We stand by our product. After multiple attempts if your dog doesn’t like one of our nutri-snacks, please let us know, we have a solution! Then please pass them along to another pup that may really enjoy them.  

What is a complete protein?
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Protein is made up of amino acids, and is a crucial part of a healthy and balanced dog diet. A complete protein is a plant or animal food source that contains an adequate proportion of each of the nine essential amino acids their body cannot produce on its own, but necessary to help build, repair, and maintain its structures.  

What is a plant-based superfood?
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Plant-based is another word for vegan. Plant-based superfoods are the most vibrant and nutritionally dense foods on the planet, and they can be found in a variety of fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and legumes. In today’s toxic world, they are simply nature’s medicine. It is beneficial to include them in any healthy diet, for optimal performance and vitality.

Why use plant-based superfoods?
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Plants are an extraordinary source of countless powerful nutrients that can help the whole family stay healthy and strong. Many of us now chose to reduce our meat consumption, and just like us, dogs can also benefit from adding plant-based nutrients to their everyday diet. In fact, we know now that for dogs to thrive, they need a minimum of 25% plant-based daily intake. That’s where our nutria-snacks come in handy! Substituting your animal-based treats for our plant-based nutrient-rich superfood snacks is a great and convenient way to complement your pup’s daily diet, with natural sources of vitamins, complete protein, omega-3s, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and other enriched nutrients. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that nutrients from plants can have life changing effects on our pooches, such as: more efficient immune system, healthier gut and better digestions, less food allergies, healthier weight and shinier, lustrous coat, reduced inflammation and arthritis, improved vitality and cognitive abilities, reduced risks of cataracts, diabetes, cancers and heart diseases. Natural plant-based ingredients also mean environmentally sustainable ingredients. So, plant-based superfoods are not only healthier for our dogs, but for our planet as well :)

Can your nutri-snacks be taken instead of medication?
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No. Our products are dietary supplements. They provide added nutrients to our dogs’ regular diet, and can help boost or maintain their health. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Why are there no animal ingredients in your products?
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Dogs can thrive and greatly benefit from a varied source of nutrients. That being said, we believe that our nutri-snacks can offer better nutrients and benefits through our carefully chosen variety of plant-based sourced superfoods.

Are animal-based treats not better for my dog?
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The answer is no. Dogs need proteins, not meat. Many people believe dogs are carnivores but they are actually omnivores — they can digest protein from multiple sources as they evolved alongside humans over tens of thousands of years, developing gut enzymes that allow them to digest and benefit from a wide variety of foods. The digestive system of dogs doesn’t care where the protein comes from — it matters that the protein is complete, high quality, bio-available, and easily digestible.  

What is the difference between plant-based omega 3’s and fish oil?
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Plant sources or marine sources of omega 3's confer similar benefits. Marine sources (fatty fish) provide EPA and DHA, and plant food sources provide ALA. The most potent vegan sources of omega 3’s come from chia, flax, hemp, quinoa, algae like spirulina, and kidney beans. That’s why we use these amazing superfoods in our products. Interesting fact: chia seeds have 3 times the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids then salmon! 

What is the difference between plant-based protein and animal protein?
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Both proteins are nutritionally appropriate and adequate for dogs. Plant protein is clean protein. It comes loaded with fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals like vitamin C and carotenoids, which reduce measures of inflammation and improve blood flow. On average, plants have 64 times the antioxidant content of animal foods. Animal protein lacks fiber and antioxidants, and may contain pesticides, antibiotics residue, hormones and mercury, which increases inflammation, setting the stage for all sorts of diseases.