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Ever wondered what your dog dreams about?
Dogs sure dream a lot. We like to think that they dream of that special moment of the day that makes them happiest; that moment of pure joy and excitement they experience when we to go the park, beach, forest, field, or simply around the block. That amazing moment, when they finally get to RUN…! :)
Born to run
Just like us, dogs need to keep active to live a long and healthy life! And running is definitely a key part of that. It’s beneficial to our dogs’ physical and mental health, it helps strengthens their entire body, does wonders for their heart, and weight loss; it also helps with anxiety, depression, and mental sharpness. For our pooches, going for a run is way more than physical activity; it also means time to sniff around, discover, meet and play with old and new friends. Running equals happy time!
To us, BORN TO RUN represents that essence, that state of mind, that state of being; happy and healthy.
Fed up with the junk food monopoly
All dogs have the running part covered, but how about nutrition? Would you eat, or feed your loved ones, junk food every day? Well that’s exactly what 95% of all dog food and treats out there are: junk! It’s all right there on the lists of ingredients, hidden somewhere on the back, in fine print, intermixed with lots of confusing words. If you take the time to find it, are able to read it, and understand it (you might need to research some of those weird words), you’ll find that most dog food, and treats are made with animal by-products, animal fat, mystery meat, salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners, as well as fillers, additives, preservatives and a long list of artificial ingredients. No wonder chronic diseases in dogs are skyrocketing. Just like us, health problems in dogs are most often linked to their diet.
Our desire to make a difference
Dogs are no longer considered just pets. They’re members of the family, and we should be able to treat them like such. To have so few healthy snack options available for them is unacceptable, and so we decided to do something about it. Long-time advocates of healthy natural foods, and holistic living, for both ourselves and our dogs, we teamed up with Dr Sarah, a veterinarian with 25 years of experience, who shares our passion and vision. Together, we combined science and holistic nutrition to create products that help concerned dog parents like us, keep our pooches running, healthy and happy!
Science & the power of plants
We believe in always trying to make a difference! For us, that starts with natural nutrient-dense ingredients and being mindful & respectful of all living organisms. We strive to create innovative products that offer unique benefits and optimal whole-body nutrition. We always use high quality, purposeful, wholesome plant-based superfoods with powerful healing properties, such as pomegranate, camu camu, dulse, goji berries, mangosteen, spirulina, reishi, maitake, and so many more…
We love our dogs as much as you love yours. That’s why we want to share what we do to maintain our dogs’ wellbeing, and help support a long, active life! We hope your pooch enjoys our products as much as ours do!!
Keep on running!
The pack at BORN TO RUN