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BLUE WARRIORS Eco-Luv 400g (SAVE 16%) Dog Detox & Immunity Booster Treats

$33.34 $28.00

Save 16% on regular price, with our Eco-Luv Compostable Bag! 

  • 400g of BLUE WARRIORS Detox & Immunity Booster Daily Supplement Treats
  • Lists of ingredients and complete product info here
  • Handcrafted in small batches with 100% Natural Superfoods - Holistic veterinarian formulation - With clean sustainable complete Protein & Omega-3 - Hypoallergenic, and easy to digest 
  • Our Eco-Luv Compostable Bag is made from 100% Recycled Natural Kraft paper and lined with a PLA Plant-Based Compostable film
  • No additional discount code can be used to purchase this item


Health benefits of adding plant-based Superfoods to your dog’s diet:

  • Better digestion, less food allergies
  • Healthier weight, shinier coat
  • Reduced inflammation and arthritis
  • Improved vitality and cognitive abilities
  • Reduced risks of cataracts, diabetes, cancers and heart diseases

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